[RPG] The Dark Warrior Emerges

- Would this be a normal day? He didn't think so. He had only been in Tokyo for about a week or so. He was already late for class!  Man, this really stunk. He had shoot up out of bed and than ran over to his closet. He pulled on a pair of black dress pants. A black button down shirt and a pair of black dress shoes. He sorta hated going to this private school. It was too uptown for his taste and that was another thing. He had to run all the way up-town to get to his school. That was really a drag. -

- If he could get there in time. There wouldn't be anything to worry about. He doubted he would get there in time. He darted down the hallway and slide into the living-room and almost hit a chair. He than reached into the chair and grabbed his backpack. He than ran over to the door and opened it. He than ran outside and than jumped on his bicycle. His backpack was haning over his right shoulder. -

- He than started to pedal as fast as he could. There was no way he was going to make it on time. He knew it. He sighed as he continued to pedal up a large hill. He made it into the upper town of Tokyo. He saw the high school. It was only moments away. A car than cut him off and he raised his fist and shook it. A few curse words escaped his lips as he continued towards the high school. -

- he than pedal up another huge hill. This was the one to the high school after a few minutes he was there. He put his bicycle next to wall. He entered the building and ran to his locker. He did his combonation and the locker popped open. He than took his books out. Slammed the locker shut and than ran to his first class. He entered the class-room and than sat in the back so no one would notice him. He hoped today went off without a hitch. -



It's nothing much right know. When people join it might chance. :)

he story is as follows : Aizen was exhiled to Heuco Mundo. For the longest time he's been sending Arrancars to Karakura Town. He had gotten an idea. Send The Arrancar and other Hollows to Tokyo. Little does he know. There is a group of girls and other heros that protect that town. He's also found in an unlikely ally in Beryl.